The Heart of It

I am Alex Miceli, a creative writer. I have been writing and publishing my work since early 2005. I have also won many awards and had many publications over the years. My writing comes in many different forms, hence the name of the website. Among my work are plays, poems, short fiction, and creative non-fiction, and I am currently branching out into other forms of writing, such as graphic novels and journalistic articles. Please visit Musings to get a taste of my Non-Fiction work, which is full of opinion based articles focused on good writing practices and practicing empathy in life.

I have two philosophies that I live and write by:

The answer to the unasked question
is always no.

We can be certain of the chance
that we are wrong.

The first philosophy makes me take chances, such as breaking writing “rules” and submitting my work. I will always fail if I don’t try; however, if I try, I may succeed. The second philosophy humbles me. It makes me aware that even if I try, I may fail. It applies to all corners of my life. It boils down to the idea that nothing we believe is a certainty, including religion and science as we are incapable of knowing anything as a certainty. We can have beliefs, but they are never affirmed in any discernible way. This presents a bleak reality wherein we can’t trust the laws of physics, our senses, our minds, and definitely the future. If, however, we can look past the first bleak chaotic vision this philosophy gives us, we can see that if our world is uncertain than anything is also possible. Our minds, lives, and universe become magical again because while we are forever quantifying these with science, our knowledge is simply a drop in the ocean of universal truth. Our scientific knowledge doesn’t just move us forward in leaps and bounds but also rewrites previous common “truths” we held dear, such as the belief in geocentricity. Our thoughts, actions, and the universe still react and act in ways inexplicable to us. We haven’t found all the answers. As a writer, I believe I should attempt to capture this uncertainty and magic and connect them as much as I can to how it affects us as human beings.